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How to create an EIT and link with a responsibility using taskflow

Most of us already know what is an EIT (Extra Information Type) in Oracle HRMS. Therefore, intention of this article is to explore how can you create an EIT and link the same with a responsibility using the task flow so that in the responsibility we only have a single function (EIT).

Lets understand with a business requirement

To explain it better lets assume we have following business requirement..

Your client wants to give oracle access to security personnel who are responsible to issue identity/access card to employee in the organization.  They maintain following information

  1. Identity card is issued or not. – Yes/No
  2. When was the identity card issues. – Date
  3. Remark – Free text

What we need to do to achieve the requirement?

Now to work on this requirement we have to create an EIT to hold this information. Apart from that we also need to create a custom responsibility, which will be given to Security Personnel. To achieve this below would be the steps.

  1. Create an EIT
  2. Create custom task flow and function
  3. Create a responsibility

Now these steps are given in details below

Steps to create Extra Information Type (EIT)

Navigation : Application Developer » Flexfield » Descriptive » Segments » search for title ‘Extra Person Information’

Navigate to descriptive Flexfiled Segments and search for “Extra Person Information”. Enter details like as follows, or as per your need

  • Name : iAvinash Identity Cards

Create Extra Information Type

Save the record and click on segments tab. Now enter the different segments/fields you want to appear on form users will have access to.

Number Name Prompt Column Value Set
10 Card Issued Card Issued PEI_INFORMATION1 HR_US_YES_NO
20 Card Issued Date Card Issued Date PEI_INFORMATION2 HR_US_DATE_11
30 Remark Remark PEI_INFORMATION3

Create Extra Information Type step by step

Save the record and click on “Freeze Flexfield Definition” and save the record again.

How to register the Extra Information Type (EIT)

Navigation : HRMS Manager Responsibility » Processes and Reports » Submit Processes and Reports » Single Request » search program ‘Register Extra Information Types (EITs)’

Now you need to run a program “Register Extra Information Types (EITs)” to register the EIT. You can run the program with following information. Just note that Legislation Code will be populated automatically based on responsibility so dont change that.

Register Create Extra Information Type step by step

Make sure program completes successfully without any errors or warnings.

We also need to tag this new EIT to a responsibility but that we will do later once our responsibility will be ready.

Steps to create custom task flow and function

Navigation : HRMS Manager Responsibility » Security » Task Flow Definitions

First to create a task flow node navigate to “Define Task Flow” window and save the record after entering following details

  • Top Node : Yes

How to create a task flow in oracle HRMS

Steps to create a custom function

Navigation : Application Developer » Application » Function

Now to create a custom function navigate to “Form Functions” window and enter the details as follows

  • Description
    • Function : AVI_IDENTITY_CARD
    • User Function Name : Identity Card Details
  • Properties
    • Type : Form
    • Maintenance Mode Support : None
    • Context Dependents : Responsibility
  • Form
    • Form : Define Person Extra Info
    • Application : Human Resource

Create Custom Function

Save the record if you have not done so.

Now our custom function, task flow and EIT are ready. Now we will have to create a custom responsibility where we will link this custom function.

Steps to create a custom responsibility

Navigation : Application Developer » Application » Menu

To create a responsibility first we need to create menu. For the same navigate to “Menus” form and enter details as follows

  • User Menu Name : iAvinash Identity Card Details
  • Menu Type : Standard
Seq Prompt Submenu Function Grant
10 Identity Card Info Identity Card Details Yes
20 Navigator: Disable Multiform Yes

Create custom menu in oracle hrms

Save the record and move to “Responsibilities” window

Navigation : System Administrator » Security » Responsibility » Define

Now we are ready to create our own custom responsibility. Please enter the details as follows and save the record.

How to create a custom responsibility in oracle hrms

Assign required system profiles to custom responsibility

Navigation : System Administrator » Profile » System

We also need to assign few system profiles to our custom responsibility, which would be as follows

  • HR:User Type : HR with Payroll User
  • HR: Security Profile : <Your Business Group Default security profile>

Steps to attach Extra Information Type (EIT) to custom responsibility

Navigation : HRMS Manager » Security » Information Type Security

To assign the EIT to our custom responsibility navigate to “Information Type Security” window and select the custom responsibility “iAvinash Identity Card Details” first and then choose the EIT we have created “AVI_IDENTITY_CARD” as shown in the image below and save the record.

How to assign EIT to a responsibility in Oracle HRMS

Now ad the custom responsibility to security personnel

All our setups are done now we can assign the new responsibility to the security person responsible for maintaining the records. Whne user will login to oracle and select the responsibility he will see following form firms where he need to select the person first and then enter Identity card details.

First navigate to menu and search employee

Next, enter the Identity Card Details and save the record


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