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Succession Management in Oracle Fusion

What is Succession Management/Planning?

ChessOracle Fusion’s Succession Management helps you to determine who will eventually replace personnel currently in key positions. Using Oracle Fusion Succession Management business users can determine who is ready to transition to positions before the positions are vacant to ensure a smooth transition.

A succession plan can be setup for a Job, Job Family, Job Profile, Position and a Incumbent (Person). Setting up a succession plan is a pretty easy configuration. As a consultant you only need to deal with few seeded lookups and the rest of the work will be done by the HR Specialist/Manager. Following steps will show steps by step how a succession management can be configured.

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Setting up Succession Management

As a consultant you will need to deal with following extensible and system delivered lookup.

Succession Management Lookups

Extensible Lookup

  • HRM_DEPARTURE_REASONThis holds all possible reasons a worker may leave your organization. List may very from organization to organization so you can always add your values here and can change it any point of time.
  • HRM_EST_DEPARTURE_DATE : This lookup holds the range of months a worker is expected to leave. It again varies from organization to organization so you could setup your own ranges like 0-2 months, 2-4 months, 4-6 months etc.
  • HRM_READINESS_CATEGORY : This lookup holds what is the readiness status of a worker who is going to replace or fill the vacancy. You may like to store values like “No Ready”, “Ready in 1 year”, “Ready within 1 to 2 years”, “Not Ready” etc.

Non Extensible Lookup

  • HRM_SUCC_CAND_STATUS : Status of a succession worker such as Action or Inactive
  • HRM_SUCC_PLAN_STATUS : Status of a succession plan such as Action or Inactive
  • HRM_SUCC_PLAN_TYPE : Available plan types such as Job, Position and Incumbent

To access these lookups you login to application and follow below navigation under your implementation project or can search for the task “Manage Succession Management Lookups”

Succession Management

Succession Management

Succession Plan Types

Your succession plan could be only one from these five types

  • Job : This type of succession plan is setup against a specific job from your organization which has already been configured and workers are assigned. For example Senior Sales Manager
  • Job Family : This type of succession plan is setup against your Job family in the organization. A job family is the grouping of jobs of same nature.
  • Job Profile : Similarly this type of succession plan is setup against the job profile such as Sales Profile
  • Position : We can setup succession plan for a specific position also. In fusion a position is a specific instance of a job within a Business Unit (BU)
  • Incumbent : This type of the succession plan is setup against a key worker or a particular individual from the organization such as CEO.

Criticality of Succession Plan

The criticality of any succession plan is determined by following parameters. The importance of each of them are self explanatory.

  • Risk of Loss
  • Impact of the Loss
  • Reason for Departure
  • Estimated Remaining Months

Using Succession Management

Now following steps show how a succession management can be used by HR Specialist/Manager.

  • Login into application and select Succession Plans under Talent management

Succession Management

  • It will bring a new window where you can see all your succession Plans if you have created already. To create a new plan click on the Create icon Create and enter details Like your plan name, plan type etc. System will automatically pull your name as a owner of the succession plan but you can add additional owner as well.

Key Incumbent Information : In this section select the person for whom you want to setup succession plan and enter other details like Risk of Loss, Impact of Loss etc. Once done click on Next

Succession Management


  • In the next step click on the “Select and Add” and choose all candidates who can replace this person. You can serch the suitable candidates by name, location, job or department. Once you have selected candidates please enter the details against columns “Readiness”, “Risk Of Loss” and “Impact of Loss” Note : Values will come from the lookups you defined earlier.

Succession Management


  • You can also click on Find Best Fit to see which profile/candidate is more close to the person profile who is vacating. Remember “Find Best Fit” option will only be enabled if there is a job profile attached with the Job of the incumbent you selected. Once done click on “Save and Close”

Note : You can also add all candidate to your Talent Pool if you have already created any.

Succession Management


  • Now click on the name of succession plan you have just created, it will bring a graph that will how the persons who can replace him with their readiness.

Succession Management


  • You can also right click on any name and select “Show Details” to see the detailed profile with many other details including Education and Qualification, Performance, Compensation and Goals. From this window you would also be able to attach any Development Goals against the employee.

Succession Management


You would also be able to create other types of succession plans (Job, Position etc ) in the same fashion.

Quick Recape

  • Helps to determine who will eventually replace personnel currently in key positions
  • Minimal Configuration, only lookups configuration is required
  • Integrated with Talent Pools and Organization Chart
  • Task “Manage Succession Management Lookups” is used to setup lookups
  • Can be created for Job, Job Family, Job Profile, Position and Incumbent (Person)
  • Can assign development goals to candidates directly
  • Plans can be either public or private
  • Additional Owner can be added
  • Candidate lists are restricted by security profile only who have apt security access to a candidate can see

Interview Questions on Succession Management

1. What would happen if you remove the readiness category lookup ?

If the values already being used for succession plan candidates or talent pool members, their readiness level will be changed to No readiness available. Plan or Pool would be able to change the category for affected candidates/members.

2. Is it possible to delete a talent pool?

No, a talent pool cannot be deleted, however, its status can be changed to Inactive on the Manage Talent Pools page

3. What’s succession plan strength?

A measure of the number of candidates in the plan and their relative readiness. Plan strength appears as a graphical summary on the Succession Plans tab of the Succession Plans work area.

4. What could be the reason if Best Fit analysis is disabled?

Please find the answer your own by reading the article above 🙂

Useful Oracle Notes on Succession Management

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