Oracle Fusion Career Development Explained With Example

Oracle Fusion Career DevelopmentOracle Fusion Career Development in Release 10

Career development in Oracle Fusion has been introduces recently as a new module in its latest release (Release 10). Earlier it was a part of goal management. Any customer migrating from release 9 to release 10 will get Career Management for free, however, new customer purchasing release 10 has to buy career development licencee separately.

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What is Career Development

Till release 9 under the goal management you were able to create Performance Goals and Development Goals. Now, in release 10, under goal management you will only create Performance Goals, your Development Goals are now part of Career Development module. Workers can use the development plan to define development intents, establish development
goals, and manage development progress. Development plan is to manage near and long-term career development strategies. Career Development work area includes the following tools and pages, which we will discuss in detail later.

• Development plan
• Career information
• Overview of goals
• Explore roles
• Favorites (for workers only)
• My Team’s Development Goals (for managers only)

There are couple of new features added in this new modules along with the core functionality of existing development plan. We will also cover them in detail later in this article.

Career Development Setup or Feature Choices

Before you release this module for your employees/managers to use, you will need to do so some key setup. This setup is nothing but the Feature Choice you make related to this modules. To do the same, follow the below navigation.

Navigation : Setup and maintenance Configure Offerings  Workforce Development  Career Development  Click on pencil icon under Select Feature Choice

Oracle Fusion Career Development

Once you click on the icon following page will appear. On this screen you make key decision related to Career Development configuration.

Career development in Oracle Fusion

This page (Feature Choices) controls the behavior of Oracle Fusion Career Development. You can enable disable features listed here based on the client business requirement. Depending upon the choice you make (either check or unchek the box) additional fields of appear/disappear.

Table below describes the behavior of these check boxes  in brief.

Career Development Approvals:

You select this option if you want to associate approval with development goal transactions. Once you click on this option additional check-boxes will be enabled down and you have to make further decisions.

Approval Option Description
Approval required for adding goals Select this option to require managers to approve goals
added by workers.
Approval required for changes to key goal fields Select this option to require managers to approve
changes to key goal fields by workers. Key goal fields
include goal attributes such as Goal Name, Description,
Success Criteria, Start Date, Target Completion Date,
Category, Measurement, Measurement Type, Unit of
Measure, Target Type, Target Value, and Private.
Approval required for goal completion Select this option to require managers to approve
the goal status when workers update the status to

Similarly you make choice under following header :

  • Career Development Notifications
  • Completed Goal Edit Option
  • Development Goal Tasks
  • Development Goals Sharing
  • Development Intents
  • Favorites
  • Goal Library
  • Goals Approaching Deadline Warning
  • Matrix Management
  • Target Outcomes

Following embedded document can help you to get more information about these check-boxes :


Career Development For Employee and Manager

Career development can not just be used by employee but manager and HR Specialist also to add development goals to worker. Depending upon the role you have been assigned you will have access to different tasks of career development. Table below sows the different roles and features available.

Role Features
Worker • Add goals to your development plan
• Define new development intents or use existing ones for each goal to track your efforts and progress toward targeted roles
• View goals in the development plan filtered as active, inactive, completed, overdue, or canceled
• Print all goals included in your development plan
• Perform goal actions such as Inactivate, Copy, Delete, Cancel, Assign, and Share from the development plan
Manager, human resource (HR) specialist • Add goals to a worker’s development plan
• View development intents for each worker goal. View compatibility percentage with any future roles

Learn with Example

So far we have learned the concept and understand the theory now its time to see how it works in reality. In the following steps employee will create a goal and add it to his development plan. To do the same please follow below navigation:

Navigation : Login as one employee Click on Navigator (or about me) Click on Career Development under About Me


Once you click on this you will see following sections. We will discuss one after another:

Career Information/Statement :

This section pulls information from workers Career Planning card of the talent profile or portrait card. Worker can directly update the information by clicking on the link Edit Career Statement and Preferences and see/fill following information.

Career development in Oracle Fusion
Goals Overview :

In this section you active development goals, shared goals, and goals at risk using the Goals Overview tile on the Career Development page for a worker. To add a new development goal click on Add Goal and select New Goal 

Following screen will appear


Enter the details pertaining to your career goal and once done click on Save and Close.

Explore Roles :

Under this section (tile) you see Careers of Interest and system Recommended Roles

Career development in Oracle Fusion

Click on add against the system recommended Roles of your interest. A confirmation message message will pop-up, just click on OK and that role will be added under your Explore Roles you can select more than one roles.

Favorites :

View favorite colleagues and their contact details from the Favorites tile on the My Career Development page. You mark a colleague associated with a role of your interest as favorite from the Explore Roles tile. The Favorites tile isn’t visible to managers and HR specialists. To add any colleague go back to Explore Roles tile and click on the Careers of Interest button and then click on roles. It will bring you a page where colleagues are already holding that Role, just mark one or more colleagues from them as a favorite by clicking on START icon. Click on DONE.


My Team Development Goals :

Under this section a manager can view a summary of all active goals of workers reporting to him. Manager can also assign development goals to them by using the My Team’s Development Goals page in the Career Development work area. They can further view and edit a goal assigned to a report by clicking the goal on this page.

So these were the steps for workers and employee pertaining to Career Developments. Hope you enjoyed learning this module.

Additional Resources

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