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Fusion Compensation Interview Questions

Fusion Compensation Interview Questions

Here are the top fusion workforce compensation questions mostly asked during job interviews. Going through these questions will guarantee you success in the interview. Please do share your experience and ask any additional question you may have in your mind @ our fusion forum

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Question 01 : What is custom column lookups in fusion compensation

By configuring five custom lookup types we create custom columns that allow managers to select from a list of values. For example, you might create a custom column called Up For Promotion and allow managers to select Yes or No by adding those meanings to one of the custom lookup types. Lookup codes must be numeric.

Custom column lookup types are:

Question 02: What is Feedback survey and maximum number of questions you can set?

While configuring the fusion workforce compensation plan under the Plan foundation we can setup Feedback survey and ask managers up to five survey question and allow them the opportunity to rate the overall compensation process  when they submit their worksheets.

Question 03: How do you distribute budgets within a compensation plan what are the different ways delivered by fusion?

We can distribute budgets initially to one or more managers in the hierarchy. There are three different methods available in fusion

  1. Initiate budget manually : We can initiate budget manually on the Budget Pools page by switching to manager whose budget we want to initiate and click the Adjust Budget button.
  2. Initiate budget automatically :  We can run the Start Compensation Cycle process to automatically distribute budget amounts or budget percentages based on the default value configured on the Detail Tab tab or the Worker List tab on the Configure Budget Page Layout.
  3. Use model to distribute budget : We can also build a global model or use any existing model to distribute budget amount for the first time based on the model criteria. After previewing the model result we can apply the result to the budget amount on the budget sheet.

Question 04: Can you please explain what is Alert in fusion compensations.

In fusion we can use predefined alerts or create a custom alert to notify managers about any issue on worksheets that may need their attention. For example if any worker is terminated in HR manager need to know about the same. Below are few predefined alrts available in fusion compensation

  • Salary change in HR
  • Grade change in HR
  • New salary outside salary range
  • Worker was terminated

We can also create our own custom alerts on Configure alert page (go through this article to see in details Fusion Workforce Compensation Plan Setup – Part3)

Question 05: What is worksheet Tab type and how important is?

Worksheet Tab Types control the display of information on a worksheet page, which consists of one or more tabs. The information on each tab varies by the tab type. You can define up to 10 tabs for each worksheet. Below groups can be mad available on the worksheet.

  • Personal
  • Alerts
  • Employment
  • Salary Information
  • Component 1 through 5
  • Promotion
  • Performance

Question 06: What is the cross reference data in fusion compensation and how it is used?

When we need to see data combined from multiple plans in one plan, we can create a single reporting plan and cross reference data for certain columns from other compensation plans. The reference data is available in the new plan immediately after the worksheet is saved in the original plan. If the type is available to cross reference, you can specify the following default values:

  • Cross reference plan
  • Cycle matching
  • Column to cross reference

Example : You create a salary plan and a bonus plan. You want managers to have a total compensation view when awarding from either plan even if they are not open concurrently. In the bonus plan you reference the New Salary or Salary Change Amount column. Similarly, in the salary plan you reference the Bonus  Amount column.

Question 07: What is dynamic column in fusion compensation and how they are used in worksheets?

Dynamic columns are like any other columns in worksheets but they are not static but their values are determined based on any other factors or any other columns from the same worksheet. For example, in a annual compensation plan, you want the bonus eligible salary to be derived from current annual salary so you will create an expression that will move the current annual salary amount into the Bonus Eligible Salary column when you start the compensation cycle.

Question 08: How can you track ineligible workers in the worksheet.

While defining the compensation plan you have the option to track ineligible workers on hide them from worksheet. To track them “Track ineligible workers” option should be selected. If this is done manager can track ineligible workers but cannot allocate compensation, promote or rate workers performance. Managers or administrators can change an ineligible worker’s status to eligible.

Question 09: What happens if the eligibility requirement for a worker is different in plan and components.

Plan level eligibility is evaluated before component level eligibility. That worker must be first eligible for plan to be eligible for component. Each component can have different eligibility requirement. If a worker is eligible for plan, the worker may or may not be eligible for one or more component in the plan.

Question 10: When do you make to need a component primary in the plan?

When we link more than one component to a single budget pool, we need to identify a primary component. When eligibility differs for components, the eligible salaries of workers eligible for the primary component are used to determine each manager’s total eligible salary used for budgeting purpose.

Question 11: Can we configure workflow in workforce compensation to route worksheet for approval.

No, workforce compensation uses the hierarchy created to build the workers to route approval to the highest level manager. We cannot create custom approval route for worksheet. However, we can create alternate approval route hierarchies for individual manager using setup.

Question 12: What is the difference between worksheet manager and alternate approver.

A worksheet manager is the worksheet owner responsible for allocating compensation to eligible workers. An alternate approver is a person defined as a approver of a worksheet. That person may not be part of the standard hierarchy.

Question 13: What is eligibility profile and what happens if multiple criterias are include in a eligibility profile?

Eligibility profile helps to select the targeted workers based on certain criteria whom we want to be part of the compensation plan. If we define multiple criterias to a eligibility profile worker needs to satisfy at least one of the criteria to be considered eligible.

Question 14: What happens if we do not select the required option when we add eligibility profile to an object.

If we add only one eligibility profile to an object, the criteria in that profile must be satisfied even if the required option is not selected. If we add multiple eligibility profile, following rules apply

  • If all profiles are optional, at least one of the profile must be satisfied.
  • If all profiles are required, all profiles must be satisfied.
  • If some but not all profiles are required, all required profiles must be satisfied and at least one optional profile must be satisfied.

Question 15: How do you enable disable workforce compensation notifications?

You can enable/disable profile options in the Global Settings page for Compensation notifications

Here is the navigation path:
1. Login as administrator.
2. Navigate to navigator -> Compensation -> Configure Global Settings (under Workforce Compensation section

You can send notifications when managers perform certain actions on the worksheet or budget sheet. The type of notification sent depends on the selections made on the Configure Global Settings page.

Note : For more info please check oracle note ID : Workforce Compensation Notifications: How They Work (Doc ID 2006457.1)

Question 16: Suppose you have a requirement to disable manager search (switch) option, how would you do this?

You can disable manager switching by changing the setting for Enable Manager Switching to “No” in Configure Global Settings. Managers can then use the team filter to see their lower level manager’s allocations. Those that use Act as Proxy won’t be affected.

Question 17: How do you backout from compensation plan after running Transfer Workforce compensation data to HR?

We can backout by running “Back Out Workforce Compensation Data”

Back Out Workforce Compensation Data should be used when you want

  • Reverse a completed Start Workforce Compensation Cycle process or
  • Remove salary, payroll and HR changes posted to the HR tables.

I hope these questions will be helpful in preparing for interview and also strengthen you functional skill. If you have any additional question, please ask at our forum Oracle Fusion Questions. Also please get in touch with me on our facebook page and share your thoughts.

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