Guidance for career resumption in HCM

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Hi Avinash and team, I have 10+ years of exp in Oracle EBS R 12 and last worked in Jan 2013. I had to take a break due to family issues. Now I want to resume work. Please guide how can I join HCM back. Fusion training is not enough without experience and experience does not come without training. How to break this circle.

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Hi Supriya,

As you have 10+ years of experience it would not be difficult to get job, ERP market is still good. However, you have vast experience in EBS, I believe, it would be better for you to look opportunity in EBS only and later switch to Fusion. Go through oracle notes and documents to see what has changed in EBS since 2013 and brush-up  them. You will also need vision instances to practice. Write some articles, share your past experience on known blogs (like ours ;)) to get more visibility and also join oracle community. You can mention all of them if your resume too.

We also post latest jobs here  which you can check frequently. If you are specially looking for fusion articles and exposer you can visit here . Need not to say you also need to get in touch with old colleagues and register on job portal like monster. Get prepared for interview questions and best of luck!!

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