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Setup Vacation Rules in Fusion HCM – Delegating Approval

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What is vacation Rule?

A vacation rule in fusion is simply a rule or setup that allows you to reassign or delegate all your system notifications to anyone else within the organization. Though it is known as vacation rule, you are not restricted to use it only when you are on vacation. There is no system validation with your absence.  You can setup vacation rule at any point of time when you feel you will not have access to your application and want to reassign/delegate your FYI and FYA notifications so that approval process still moves in your absence.

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» Just remember in fusion vacation rules are not executed for ToDo tasks.

Configure Vacation Rules

To setup a vacation rule login to your application and in Notifications section select Servers under View as shown in the screenshot below

Vacation Rules


Now choose Human Capital Management and it will take you to BPM Worklist

Click on Preferences (uper right corner) and it will take you to the page where you can setup your vacation rule.

Click on Enable vacation period and choose Start Date and End Date of your rule.

Vacation Rules   

You can either select option to “Reassign” or “Delegate” your notifications. In any case you will need to select a person whom you want to reassign/delegate the notifications.

  • Reassign : In case of reassign system will route the notification and the receiver can approve/reject or your behalf.
  • Delegate : Whereas in case of delegate you transfer the ownership of the notification and authority will be with other person.

Did You Know ?

You can Setup vacation rule in oracle self-service to give access other than workflow administrators, if not sure just click here

Other resource on Vacation Rules

You can also check below oracle note id just in case this helps

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  1. I am unable to set Position hierarchy. I have created job, position and employment thro’ manage job , manage positions and manage user tasks.In position , I have also created a Position tree and instantiated it. But the number of incumbent for the FTE is shown as 0 in the top on the manage position page. This causes the approval process, not finding an assignee. I found one sch. process “Position SynchronizationJob”. But i do not have permission to run that.

    How to set the Position Hierarchy for approvals ?


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