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Growing list of Commentluv enabled blogs for dofollow links

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dofollow linksHere you are going to get a huge list of blogs that can help you to get backlinks as they all are using CommentLuv plugin. CommentLuv plugin enables you to link one of your latest 10 posts (or less in some case) while commenting on any post. Some of the blogs from list are also using premium version that means if you have any prior approved comments on their blog you can also link your keywords along with the display name.  Before you jump to the list and start exploring them, please ensure that you choose the post that interests you and leave genuine comments. Desist from commenting something like Nice Post, I loved the way you write and so on. This piece of suggestion is only to make sure you make most of the list 🙂

Why the list is different

The list of sites I am sharing over here is different from the list you will get from other bloggers because they all are verified and updated regularly. I have personally visited all of them and experienced quick approval. I get disappointed when I see the list from other bloggers and hardly few of them allow dofollow links. I don’t just waste the time at the end but also make sure not to visit the site again. So the my endeavor is to serve you updated and verified list, in short here are the list why its different

  • High PR sites
  • Only dofollow links enabled list
  • Update and verified very frequently
  • Personally Verified
  • Glowing list

List of sites to get dofollow links

Sequence Websites Last Checked
01  15/08/2015
02 15/08/2015
03 15/08/2015
04 15/08/2015
05 15/08/2015
06 15/08/2015
07 27/07/2015
08 15/08/2015
09 15/08/2015
10 15/08/2015
11 10/07/2015
12 10/07/2015
13 10/07/2015
14 10/07/2015
15 10/07/2015
16 10/07/2015
17 10/07/2015
18 10/07/2015
19 10/07/2015
20 10/07/2015
21 10/07/2015
22 10/07/2015
23 10/07/2015
24 10/07/2015
25 10/07/2015
26 10/07/2015
27 10/07/2015
28 10/07/2015
29 10/07/2015
30 10/07/2015
31 10/07/2015
32 10/07/2015
33 10/07/2015
34 10/07/2015

More dofollow links

I have only listed the high PR sites above but if your site allows dofollow links, like mine, please let me know I will add another section to list sites with low (or zero) google page ranks. It would be an opportunity for you to showcase your blog also.

What if I don’t allow dofollow links?

You need not disappoint, I have another section where you can still add your blog if you write on any technology like Oracle or WordPress. You can request here to Add Your Blog

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